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 Delay Announcement  Nov-10-2002
 A very important  (but disappointing)  announcement.
The work on JILC has been delayed,  and it may be delayed even more.  The reasons are attributed to my  (Gaurav's)  heavy involvement in CSMail and in Mono projects.
So,  right now,  I have deferred any works on JILC.  Though it may sound disappointing,  but I think the other two projects are more important than this one.

PE File Generation May-24-2002
 Today Gaurav started working on PE file generation, although the IL code generation is not over as yet.  Abhaya is taking care of that part while Gaurav will maintain this part.
 The code submitted today includes some basic structures that would be required for the PE file layout.

 Version 0.1 Released  May-14-2002
 Version 0.1, the first minor release is same as version 0.0.2 with added support for windows nmake. So, now you can compile using VC++ compiler and linker.
 The files may be downloaded here.

 Code Generator code to CVS  May-12-2002
 Submitted the first cut towards the code generator to the CVS.  The code should compile, but the IL code generated does not, because of obvious reasons, does not assemble using ilasm.

Code Generation Celebrations Apr-27-2002
Today we had the demonstration of the project in front of the course instructor  (after all this project came out as a part of project in the institute) .  Lots of code by Abhaya made possible code generation in the IL format, though the code that is generated right now does not aseemble.
Some of trivial errors that were encountered were like the class names were included as "java/lang/Object" instead of "java.lang.Object". A detailed list of bugs will be put up soon. We are yet busy in the exams ;-)
Also, right now, no code has been commited to the CVS. Will do it by the coming weekend. Uff!

Website Shifting Apr-24-2002
The website shifting to this server is over.

Code Generator Apr-23-2002
The code generator is now able to see some life to itself. Abhaya is making good progress towards it.
I am unable to give any time to it rightnow. You may have a look at the cvs for the latest work in place.

First release available for download Feb-21-2002
First release of software, consisting of basic java-bytecode reader and constant pool entry generator is available. The executable consists of encapsulating the above modules in java-deassembler.
It may be downloaded from here.

Functional Specifications Feb-10-2002
See here.

CLI / ECMA Specs Jan-30-2002
Specifications:  Reading done.

User Manual Jan-27-2002
The user manual, with the options that may be passed to the compiler is now available. The manual may be obtained here.

Class File Specs Jan-20-2002
Reading part done. A summary of the description of the class file format will be put up soon.

Deadlines / Schedule Decided Jan-15-2002
The following is the first rough sketch of the deadlines that has been decided:
  • Jan 20, 2002: Reading the literature on the class file format and JVM specs.
  • Jan 30, 2002: Reading the literature on CLI structure and the ECMA specs (required part).

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