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jilc - Java bytecode to IL compiler is being designed to be able to directly use the already available enormous resource of java libraries. The implementation of the project has been divided into the following several phases:

  • 1.1: Class file reader and parser
  • 1.2: Bytecode verifier, which includes making changes to the parsed code so as to incorporate the differences that exist in Java bytecode and the IL bytecode.
  • 1.3: IL Code generator. This may be directly the bytecode or the asm code.
  • 2.1: Since the #1 phase does not take into account the discrepancies that may be caused because of the fact that the package names and the namespace names do not match, the code in practice will not work. This phase is to take care of these considerations. It will extend the compiler then designed to make the available maps and make use of them.

 Bytecode Parser (Maintainer: Gaurav Vaish) Feb-24-2002 (Deadline)
  • Class file reader
  • Generating constant pool entries

 Bytecode Verifier (Maintainer: Avinash Dhoot) Mar-03-2002 (Deadline)
  • Resolution of constant pool entries

 Bytecode Processor (Maintainer: Abhaya Agarwal) Mar-10-2002 (Deadline)
Processing the bytecode. This includes the following:
  • Modification in switch-case block, if any.
  • Modification of the stack: IL requires all variables to be put in the stack before the procedure starts, while there is no such restriction in java.

Code Generator (Maintainer: Gaurav Vaish) Apr-15-2002 (Deadline)
  • The IL / ASM code generator.... ready to be deployed.

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